White Bread Mix

Healthier Baking! Just add yeast, oil, sugar and water and bake with love xxx

Makes 2 loaves or 6 smaller pizza bases.

Bake with Matthew here https://vimeo.com/193694440 (Bread Dough) or here https://vimeo.com/193698727 (Pizza Dough)

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Tapioca, maize starch, stone ground rice flour, psyllium husk, potato starch, maize flour, castor sugar, egg, bamboo fibre, salt, emusifier, maize starch, rice starch, beet fibre

Nutritional Values

2256kJ per serving

23g per serving

55g per serving

Total Fats
2g per serving

Dietary Fibre
165g per serving

Total Sodium
516mg per serving