Our Team

The Team

The Team

We take pride in everything we do. Our baking, our finance, our management, our food safety, our procurement, our logistics and our innovation – all pulled together by each and every team member to ensure consumers get the best gluten free goodness to their homes.


Matthew Ballenden – Director

The innovator, creator and man with the big ideas.  When Matthew started Fresh Earth Bake House in 2012 – Gluten-Free  in South Africa was still an off beat and unknown concept, yet to reach mainstream consumerism. He spent many years, traveling, doing research and questioning everything to develop a gluten free range, that is celiac friendly, great tasting and of the highest quality.


Malcolm Bendrau – General Manager

The man who makes things happen. He’s the go to guy and the reason why Fresh Earth Bake House staff are always performing at their best. A leader by example.


Jessica Colyn-Schuddinh – Finance Manager

The woman who knows what’s what. Brilliantly organized and knows basically everything there is to know about business finance. Jessica is an energetic and driven person and we’re lucky to have her on our team.


Galaletsang Ratake – Food Safety Manager

This Lady is certified! She’s the one who ensures our facility passes the Food Safety ISO 22000 FSSC certification. She checks processes and systems are followed to bring consumers a product that is certified celiac friendly and gluten free. Offering consumers a trustworthy brand with quality product. She knows her stuff and we’re proud to have her on our team.


Leonard Ndlovu – Production Manager

He’s the guy checking that manufacturing of our products run smoothly. Planning production schedules, maintaining food safety standards and adhering to budget implementations. When you see a product on shelf, you can be sure that Leonard has planned for it to be there.


Jacques Le Roux – Key Account Sales Manager

The guy to talk to. Jacques is the guy who knows people… He has built personal relationships with our clients to ensure satisfaction in service and product. Always seeing the lighter side of things and a people’s person at heart.