Grain Free Seed Crackers African Spice

Our African spice crackers are handmade with love. Free from preservatives, GMO’s, Gluten, Cane Sugar, Eggs and Soy.


Yummy, crunchy goodness! Free from stuff you can’t pronounce and completely grain free.
These crackers scream Africa with a delicious hint of blended African herbs and spices.

Infused with the aroma of cardamom, paprika, cloves, all spice & more uplifting goodness.
Pairs well with a cream cheese spread and cucumber slices.

Try this delightful snack with your favorite topping… Yum!

Our Grain free seed crackers are low carb and banting friendly with <1g carbs per serving. All our ingredients are natural and sustainably sourced. We create the best quality food from scratch, because we know that food untainted by all the additives is the best tasting and most nutritious food there is.

Additional information


Brown flax seeds, sunflower seeds, psyllium, African Spice (cloves, cayenne, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, ground all spice) , maltodextrin, salt, flavourings, stabilizer (sodium phosphate), salt, rosemary powder.

Nutritional Values

264 kJ per 30g serving

2.6g per 30g serving

<1g per 30g serving

Total Fats
13.3g per 30g serving

Dietary Fibre
1.8g per 30g serving

Total Sodium
2mg per 30g serving

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