Christmas Fruit Mince Pies

A flavorful fruity mince pie with a gluten free shortbread crust. So Much Goodness in these yummy delights.

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The Fresh Earth Gluten Free Bake House team takes pride in their ethical values and philosophy to source and include only the finest, authentic, real food, quality ingredients in everything they make. There is nothing hidden in these products. No fillers, no trans-fats, no gluten, no artificial colours, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners.

Just real food ingredients made with care.

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Shortbread crust (rice flour, tapioca, vegetable fat, caster sugar, cow's milk), unsalted butter, maize starch, vanilla essence, bicarb.

Mince: Raisins, sucrose, citrus peel, apple flakes, thickeners, starch, acidity regulator, potassium sorbate.

Glitter: leachate

Nutritional Values

Energy: 1148kJ per 55g serving
Protein: 1.1g per 55g serving
Fat: 23.7g per 55g serving
Carbs: 23g per 55g serving
Fibre: 0.6g per 55g serving
Sodium: 9mg per 55g serving

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