Banting Bread Mix (230g)

The Banting Bread Mix is sure to satisfy the craving for fresh bread! Simply add olive or coconut oil, eggs and water and voila! A delicious loaf of low-carb bread to enjoy with your favourite choice of toppings.

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Golden flax seed flour, Almond flour, Psyllium, Xylitol, Salt, Sunflower seed flour.

Nutritional Values

1546Kj/100g or 309Kj/20g

14g/100g or 3g/20g

41g/100g or 8g/20g

Total Fats
24g/100g or 5g/20g

Dietary Fibre
23g/100g or 5g/20g

Total Sodium
880mg/100g or 176g/20g